Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WIAW - it's pumpkin everywhere.

This weekend, little miss J and I took a walk to check out the new Dick's Sporting Goods and went to Trader Joe's since it's right next door. I go to TJ's maybe once a month, because I have terrible impulse buy problems there, but I always like seeing all the new goodies.

So, in case you missed the memo, it's October and prime pumpkin season. TJ's had their act together, and I felt like I was listening to Bubba's shrimp speech in Forrest Gump, but with pumpkin instead.
What I ended up buying:
-pumpkin yogurt
-pumpkin bagels
-pumpkin butter
-pumpkin cream cheese
-pumpkin pancake mix
-pumpkin bread mix
-pumpkin blondie mix

Yes, I got suckered into all the special pumpkin stuff (but notably, I bought no actual pumpkin). In my defense, I just love all the spices that make up pumpkin pie spice! A wonderful blend of tasty. (But Starbucks can keep the PSL to themselves because I don't like that too much)

Let's file this under "This is healthy if I eat it off with apples and bananas:"

I also got chocolate-covered peanut butter-filled pretzels that were just so amazing I ate them in two days (!!). *shakes fist* Darn you, Trader Joe's!

Anyway, serious time. I have to talk about these bagels.
Pumpkin flour? Is that going to be a new thing?

Anyway, pretty darn tasty bagels. I've only had one because the five year old has been gobbling them all up, but I had it with pumpkin cream cheese and pumpkin butter, and it was like eating pumpkin pie for breakfast. I'm a fan.

Anyone else tried the pumpkin bagels? How much of the seasonal pumpkin stuff did you wind up buying?

Amusing anecdote: When I was checking out, I chit-chatted with the cashier lady about the PUMPKINFYALLTHETHINGS that they have going on, and I said, "What's next, pumpkin hummus?"(because I love me some TJ hummus variations) and she said, "Don't give them any ideas!"

Pumpkin hummus. Maybe it'll be the new awesome thing. Maybe not. Either way, you heard it here first.

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  1. I didn't even look at the packaging and didn't know it made with pumpkin flour! I'll have to give it another look.

    I too got the Speculoos Cookie & Cocoa Butter, and can't buy another jar. I might've single-handedly eaten a whole jar... in a week.

  2. Yeah I thought the pumpkin flour thing was interesting! All these alternate flours nowadays... I think making pumpkin flour would be tedious though.


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