Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A blog about nothing

Much like Seinfeld, but much less witty.

I'm getting back into running (well really, exercise in general) after about a long hiatus. I don't really have any great reason for taking so much time off. I did come down with a wicked cold that lasted far too long, but mostly I've been lazy. I own it.

So I've been racking my brain to figure out how I can fit this Fun Priority (!!) into my life. No wait, I'm kidding. I know what I need to do, because I'm an adult and if I want to get back into running, I need to just do it.

I've woken up early the past two mornings to hit the treadmill before the kids get up, and it's been great, despite how damnably slow I am. I pulled out my old copy of Run Less, Run Faster, found the novice 5k plan, and signed up for dailymile to keep track of my progress. I just have to keep on keeping on.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy birthday!

Well, yesterday was my birthday (the seventh anniversary of my 21st birthday, I like to say).

I'm getting old and crotchety, but I still had a fun little party with my family. Some high notes:

*My dad grilled some tri-tip and chicken, and my mom made my favorite chocolate cake. To be perfectly honest, it's Ina Garten's recipe, and it's pretty good. However, I'm all about the frosting, and the recipe my mom uses is amazing. I unashamedly love it, and I look forward to it every year.

*We drank some good beer and cheap wine. My in-laws brought over a bottle of wine and my mom broke out her cheap Gallo to supplement, while my dad supplied Pacifico and the champagne of beers, Miller High Life. We brought some Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat, and I'm proud to say that I've found the first beer I truly enjoy drinking (not just a means to get drunk, haha).

*My brother and sister-in-law took S down to the pond to try their luck at fishing. A few nibbles, no bites, but the pictures they took are very sweet and S really enjoyed it. He liked it so much that when he was asked what he wants to do when he grows up, he said "Go fishing!"

*Captain Zoom serenaded me as he has every year, for as long as I can remember. For those who don't know who Captain Zoom is, here's a sampler:
So eighties. My grandmother bought the personalized tape when I was a toddler, and it's one of the few memories I have of her. My dad always insists on playing it at every birthday party, and I'm at the age now where it's more nostalgic than mortifying. When I was a preteen, it was the worst!

We also celebrated J's half-birthday, since six months is an awful long time when you're a baby. I know it's a silly concept, but we had a get-together when S turned six months (almost five years ago... eep!) and I wanted to continue the tradition.

So here's to twenty-eight!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Friend Making Monday

It's Friend Making Monday at All the Weigh again, so survey time!

Let’s Talk About TV

1.  Share your current “Must-See” TV shows.
At our last apartment, we didn't want to pay for cable, so we just stuck to Netflix. Now our new apartment has free cable provided, so I'm just getting used to watching live TV again. I'm behind on all the new (current) shows. Of shows that are still airing new episodes, I love Psych, the Big Bang Theory, and I just started watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. And since Arrested Development just put out season 4, I'll add that to the list.

2.  Do you prefer reality shows or sitcoms?
I tend to go with scripted shows over reality shows. I've gotten sucked into a few reality shows, but I get bored quickly. I also tend to favor comedy over drama.

3. Who is your favorite talk show host?
I'm going to have to go with Maury, since that's probably the only talk show I've ever seen.
So terrible.

4. Which network(s) do you turn to for news? I usually read the news online.

5. Do you have Tivo or DVR?  If so, which programs do you have set to record?  Nope, no Tivo or DVR.

6. Have you ever started watching a show simply because you heard so much about it on social media?  If so, which one did you watch?
Arrested Development. Best decision ever.
What would your chicken look like?

 7. List any TV series that you own on DVD. 
Scrubs, Psych, Monk, the (British) Office, Freaks and Geeks, and Quantum Leap.

8.  Do you have a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, etc?  If so, what kind of device do you use to stream it?
Netflix and Amazon Prime. We use the PS3 and I can also stream Netflix on my Nintendo 3DS.

9.  If you could star in a TV show that already exists, which one would you choose?
Hmm. If my workplace could be Sacred Heart Hospital, I'd be pretty happy, so I'll go with Scrubs.

10.  If you could bring back one TV show that is no longer on the air, which one would you choose?
Quantum Leap! I'd love to see more of Sam, Al, and Ziggy.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sh!t my kid wears

One of the best aspects of being a mom is watching my kids grow up and develop into opinionated and silly little people. As one of my favorite Scrubs quotes goes (regarding having a baby), "Dr. Cox says it's like having a dog that slowly learns how to talk."


For the most part, I let my kid pick out his own clothes. Trying to control his sartorial decisions is an exercise in futility, especially with his extremely strong preference for sweatpants. The only times I put my foot down are picture days and when the outfit is inappropriate for the weather (like when he wanted to wear a long sleeved Spider-man shirt and sweatpants on a 113 degree day).

This morning, Captain Sweatpants came downstairs wearing a nice pastel striped t-shirt and his black silky sweatpants with red and white stripes down the sides (track pant-style). I asked him how they matched. He proudly told me, "They're rainbow!"

Other notable outfits include:
- Head to toe orange. He topped it off with his cowboy hat, cowboy boots, a belt slung low on his hips and a stick in the holster. The inspiration behind this outfit?
Totally Pinspirational

- Navy blue Iron Man shirt with electric neon blue sweatpants. When this outfit came down the stairs, I told him that they clashed a little bit. With a foreshadowing of teenage sass and attitude, he rolled his eyes and said "They're both blue!" Very true.

Sometimes I get a bit of side-eye from people in public, which is why I want to have him wear this button:

Oh well. Keep shining on, you crazy diamond child of mine.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Friend-Making Monday

I'm participating in Friend-Making Monday at All the Weigh again! This week it's:

Foodie Questions 

1. Do you make grocery lists? Yes. I have to. If I don't, I always forget the one thing I needed. Plus, Mike is all about having a plan if he goes shopping (so he can get out as fast as possible, ha), so if I'm shopping with him, a list is a requirement.

2. Do you have a routine when shopping in your favorite grocery store? It depends on my shopping companions. If I'm by myself or with just the sleeping baby, I like to go down each aisle and look at all of the things, though I really shouldn't when I'm trying to avoid impulse buys. With the five-year-old, getting in and out is imperative, and with Mike and the kids, we'll split the list and tag-team it.
3. What is your favorite seasoning? My standby seasoning is a basic mix that I call the Three Amigos. It's just sea salt, pepper and garlic powder in equal proportions, but it works well with almost everything! I'm also very fond of this Spike seasoning that I bought from the natural foods store. It's a mix of 21? or so spices and it is particularly tasty on hard-boiled eggs.
I am.

4. What is the healthiest food in your fridge right now? Um, anything that is "real food," I guess? Fridge is kinda bare right now (but not that bare, if you catch my drift), so I'll have to say the few veggies I have left and my homemade Greek yogurt. And eggs.

5. What is the most unhealthy food in your fridge now? Trader Joe's version of Hershey's chocolate syrup (but it's slightly virtuous since it's organic and from TJ's, right?)

6. What is the most exotic produce you’ve ever had? Taro root (poi?) in Hawaii.

7. Tell us about your favorite local restaurant. I'm a big fan of Toyko Garden's sushi. Mmmm.

8. What kind of pasta do you prefer (regular, whole wheat, etc.?) I like the whole wheat spaghetti that I got at Costco.

9. If you could make one food calorie-free for an entire week, which food would you choose? All forms of chocolate and chocolate candy.
I'd be like this all week.

10. If you had to choose would you rather give up french fries or chocolate? I would kick french fries to the curb waaaaaay before I would ever give up chocolate. After working at In-N-Out for a long time, fries just don't have too much appeal.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

When work and the interwebs collide

A little silly story from work today:

A coworker and I were talking about some supplies that were running low. Some backstory is necessary here: There's a gigantic storage room in the basement called "Materials," where almost every single necessary item for the entire hospital is stored. It's kept locked up outside of normal business hours, so if you need anything from there after hours, you have to have a key or your badge has to be coded for access. 

Anyway, it was outside of business hours (before hours?), so I was saying that we'd have to get access somehow, and he goes "Oh! I have a key that someone put in my locker one day!"

Without missing a beat, I say,

His reponse? Crickets. "What?"
*Sad trombone womp womp*

So not everyone is up to speed on their Internet memes. Awkward bummer. I tried to explain it and found this gem when googling for examples.
I was thinking it was a meme friendly workplace, since when I first started there, this was in the communal fridge.
Ignore the misspelling of thieves. I do.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm back....

...anyone miss me? Ha ha.

I really struggle with posting consistently when blogging. I have all these post ideas and things I want to share and then I just don't. So here's some catch-up:
Just kidding (and bleh, tomato jam!).

On the fourth of July, we did the all American thing and went to the fireworks show.
I'm very surprised that my camera picked up the fireworks so well!

Then, on Friday, I went down to San Francisco for the day with my best friend and fellow bridesmaids for her bachelorette party!
Beautiful Bay Bridge
I love SF so much. It was also nice to go somewhere where it wasn't over 100.

Highlights of the day:
*The Ferry Building for lunch
*A tour of the Tcho chocolate factory for after-lunch dessert ;)
*David's Tea for some yummy tea
*And for the ultimate adult-type fun:
The sheer athleticism of the dancers was amazing.
After that fun-filled day, I drove all the way home to sleep for about three hours before work at 9am. I was a very tired person when I got home after that twelve hour shift. I'm getting too old for that kind of turn-around (haha).

And the past few days have been a busy mix. School, work, and kid stuff. Little miss J has officially started on solid foods (hurray for sweet potatoes!) and my little man S is improving on his reading every day. Mike's at work tonight, so the three of us are cuddling on the couch and watching Paulie. So very exciting, I know, but I love a family movie night.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Itemized list of FUN!

It's been a fun few days around here!

*My best friend has been visiting from NM. My little boy was so excited to see his auntie again, and I was excited for the baby to meet her also. The last time I saw her, I was about halfway pregnant, so it's been awhile!

*It's a scorching heat wave.
Walking across asphalt feels like walking in the depths of hell. I guess that's what we get for living in the second hottest summer area in California (after Death Valley, heh). Thank goodness for fans and air conditioning.

*Pyrotechnic displays are always amazing.

*I get to fulfill one of my bridemaid's duties and attend a bachelorette party on Friday. I am excited to spend the day in SF.

*I (shockingly and surprisingly) made goal weight at WW on Monday. However, I was tardy to the meeting and it didn't get recognized. No big deal (I get shy!) but the leader called me afterwards and apologized, which was sweet (and not necessary). Six weeks of maintenance and I make Lifetime! So far my tracking has been terrible this week (reason-see first bullet point) but it's a blip in the grand scheme of things.

*With making goal, I also won my DietBet. Hurray for making about $20 by losing weight!

*I like parenthetical asides. Deal.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lame survey time.

A. Attached or Single? Very much together with my fiance, Michael. It's cliche, but he's my best friend.
B. Best friend? My best (female) friend in the whole wide world I've known since the summer between 8th grade and freshman year of high school. I'm going to be in her wedding later this summer, and she's visiting us right now! We're going to go to the city for her bachelorette party this weekend! (so excited!!)
C. Cake or pie? Cake. Because cake = frosting and I love frosting. Sugarmmmm.

D. Day of choice? Since I work a variable schedule, I don't get traditional weekends (or holidays). I'm going to say my virtual Saturday.
My thoughts exactly.
E. Essential Item? My iPhone. I almost always have it with me and it's weird when I don't.
F. Favorite color? Green.
G. Gummy bears or worms? I'm indifferent. If I have a gummy candy, it's gonna be Sour Patch Watermelon.
H. Home town? Redding, CA.
I. Favorite Indulgence? Dark chocolate.
Or white chocolate. Really, any good chocolate.
J. January or July? July! It's my birthday month and it's summer (which was more important to me when I was in school with no job but whatevs).
K. Kids? I have two wee ones, a five year old boy, S, and a five month old girl, J. 
L. Life isn’t complete without? Another cliche, but I can't imagine not having my little family.
M. Marriage date? To be determined, hah.
N. Number of brothers/sisters? One brother, one sister. I'm the eldest.
O. Oranges or Apples? Apples. I like the Fujis best with some peanut butter.
P. Phobias? I'm a never-nude.
...Just kidding. Nah, I'm mostly afraid of heights, but I think most of that fear stems from the idea of falling from that height.
Q. Quotes? The only thing holding me back is me.
R. Reasons to smile? I have lots of reasons.
S. Season of choice? Summer.
T. Tag 5 People. Pass.
U. Unknown fact about me? I really like playing Animal Crossing.
V. Vegetable? I like crispy roasted Brussels sprouts. Mmm.
W. Worst habit? I'm not very good at staying organized.
X. Xray or Ultrasound? Prenatal ultrasounds are fun, I guess?
Y. Your favorite food? Chocolate.
Z. Zodiac sign? Leo. I even have a mane to boot.
Yep, my hair kinda looks like that.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Friend Making Monday

I'm participating in Friend-Making Monday at All the Weigh again! I'd love to start making some new bloggy friends.

The Internet
1.  Have you ever met anyone online before meeting them in person?
When I was a freshman in college, I was pretty active on LiveJournal's UCDavis community. A lot of the people I met that year I met through LJ, and then Facebook when it started in 2004. At the time, it was only open to some college campuses. Who knew it would become such a juggernaut?

2.  What is your opinion on social media’s impact on our society?  Does it make life better or worse?
It's made life... interesting. It's definitely given me more insight into other people's more personal thoughts and feelings, but it also seems to bring out the attention-seeking aspect of many people's personalities. So I think social media has both negatives and positives.
3.  Do you believe that it’s possible to fall in love with someone that you’ve never met in person?
I think it's possible, but I have no personal experience with it.

4.  Do you prefer to shop in stores or online?
It depends on what I'm shopping for! I do a lot of non-clothes shopping on Amazon, but clothes shopping I prefer to go to the store and try it on first. It also depends on how badly I want it. If I can't wait, I'll hunt it down in stores.

5.  What blogging platform do you use?  (WordPress, Blogger, something else?)
I've used several different platforms in my many years on the internet. I used Blogger when it first started back in 2001?ish, and now I'm back!

6.  Have you ever blogged for another site?  Would you?
No, I haven't, but I'd love to if I ever had the opportunity.

7.  Do you use services like Netflix and Hulu?
In our last apartment we exclusively used DVDs, Netflix and Hulu because we didn't want to pay for cable. Our current place provides us with free cable, but we still mostly stick to Netflix and Hulu. Especially since Arrested Development released their new episodes!

8.  Would you prefer to get blog comments or to interact on twitter?
Seeing as I don't really get either, any would be nice ;)

9.  Do you prefer to read books or e-books?
I like to have a hard copy to reference, but ebooks are so much easier for travel and for quick searching. I'm starting to lean towards ebooks.

10.  Share at least one experience that you would not have had without being a blog author.
Hmm. I know I wouldn't have met as many people in college as I did without LJ, but all my little blogs I've started since then haven't really gained any traction. Maybe that will change!
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