Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday five 10/11

1. My amazing run on Wednesday was probably ill-advised. Although the weather and scenery was drop dead gorgeous,
I shouldn't have gone out and ran four miles after slacking off in the running department for so long.

Since then, my legs have been tight and sore and not in a super awesome way, but in a "back off, and build up more slowly or you're going to get a stress fracture or otherwisely injure yourself" kinda way. Darn. 

2. I can't help it though! It seems like everyone at work lately has caught the running and racing bug. A few of my coworkers are going to San Francisco next weekend for the Nike Women's Marathon, and one of my newer coworkers was talking about the Shamrock'n Half Marathon in Sacramento. I think we're going to do it together! I can pull myself together by March ;)

3. So if I'm going to be getting back to serious runner mode, I think I'm going to have to invest in a foam roller and find my old "The Stick" that I have somewhere. Maybe I'll get a pair of those fancy Pro Compression socks so I look even more like a real runner.
Bring on the pain. I mean, myofascial release.

4. According to Michael, I use the word fancy like Vizzini uses the word "inconceivable!"
Silly backstory: Mike went to the store and picked up a few mid-week essentials. Like more coffee. 

He asked what kind I wanted, and I told him that I didn't really care as long as it was caffeinated and pre-ground because we don't have a coffee grinder. I figured he would get another can of Cafe Bustelo, since that's what he got last time (as I said, we're super fancy) but he came home with a gigantic can of Folgers. "The best part of waking up!" he tells me.

I brewed the first pot yesterday, and Mike took the first sip, grimaced and did his best Austin Powers' impression: "This coffee tastes like sh!t! Good thing we bought a giant container of it!" Yeah, it's pretty bad, but it does the job.
I told him I would get some fancy flavored creamer next time I went to the store, and Mike looked at me like I'm crazy (I am) and said, "How is that fancy? It's just creamer. Why would you call that fancy?" Trying to explain my definition of fanciness left us both in a giggle fit. 

Btw this is fancy creamer:
So classy.

5. No school (for me) today or Monday! Except for work on Sunday, I get to spend all weekend with my little monsters! We're going to start prepping for Halloween (baby's first Halloween = very very important).
What am I going to be? Besides cute, I mean. And bald.
S wants to be Batman this year because he's seen the old school campy Adam West Batman (read: good Batman). Should be interesting because I don't think the mask is going to last too long!

Bonus 6: One week until I hear the verdict on nursing school!

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