Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Baked Eggs, Italian style

Oh boy, it's already Wednesday! I worked yesterday until 9:30 and was showered and in bed by 10, so it doesn't really feel like I did anything with my Tuesday except for my early morning run and prepping for the day before taking the kids off to school. Workdays are always crazy like that. It's the nature of the twelve-hour-shift beast. Then we were all up bright and early to seize the new day.

Anyway, for this What-I-Ate-Wednesday, I want to share this recipe I found on and modified to make into little individual sized dishes. Here it is:
Baked Eggs, Italian style! Though the egg is hidden beneath the romano cheese.
So we go through a LOT of eggs around here. It seems like every other week I'm at Costco buying another five dozen, plus every so often we'll be able to buy some farm-fresh eggs from various sources (those are my very favorite, especially when the yolk is ORANGE!)

We all love them. Mike and I take hard-boiled eggs nearly every day with our lunches and usually fry them for breakfast, while Sam knows how to make a scrambled egg for himself in the microwave. Meanwhile, little miss Julie is very fond of the yolks.

This recipe is an easy and tasty way to change up our Old Reliable. It's basically like a pasta-less lasagna in a way, with the eggs functioning as the noodles. It may sound a little weird, but it's awesome!

Baked Eggs, Italian Style, for an Individual Portion
-1/2 cup of your favorite marinara sauce
-1 egg
-red pepper flakes or Tabasco to taste (if you want it spicy)
-1 Tbsp Pecorino romano (or parmesan, but I prefer romano)
-any random veggies you want to toss in the sauce, like spinach, mushrooms, etc, or fresh herbs like basil

To assemble, I put the sauce in a 6 oz custard cup, mixed with a pinch of red pepper flakes and some chopped mushrooms, then made a little well in the sauce and cracked the egg into the indent. I sprinkled the top with romano and then baked it at 350 degrees F for about 18 minutes until the white was set.

I made five portions the first time I made these (because I only have five custard cups, heh) and inhaled two for breakfast. Mike polished off the other three later, because they reheat pretty well in the microwave.

But seriously, so good. You have to try it.

Anyone ever heard of a dish like this before?

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  1. YUM That sounds amazing! What a great idea

    1. Yes it is super good and a great way to use up leftover marinara! I tried it out because we had made spaghetti one night and accidentally left out all the extra noodles overnight (booo I hate throwing food away), and I wanted to find another way to use up the sauce.

  2. I saw this once on The Chew- Mario Batali called it "eggs in hell" or "eggs in purgatory", I'm not sure which one haha.
    How old when you introduced eggs to your daughter?

    1. I first introduced them around a month ago, which would be 8.5 months :) I only give her the yolks, not the whites, because the guidelines say to wait until one year for the whites.

      I see your little girl is about a month younger than mine! So cute. If my son had been a girl, his name would have been Amelia too!


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