Monday, October 21, 2013

Marvelously Manic Monday

Hello blogosphere! I missed you last week. It's been a bit of a crazy week over here!

This Monday started off with a three am wake up call, but it was for a great reason so I don't really mind (okay maybe a little bit... It's hard to get up that early!). Every other weekend my son goes to his dad's, so on those Mondays we have to take a three hour round trip to exchange. Since S started school, it means it has to be done super early to get him to kindergarten on time! Hence, the wee hours of the morning and I have become BFFs. 

Today is awesome because my wonderful fiancé got up and made the drive with me and the baby so we could spend some time together (and I could nap in the car). Then we got my kid, some Dutch Bros, and the day is off to a great start!

(I would do a selfie here of myself holding up my cinnamon brown sugar latte but it's still dark, hah. Plus I'm holding a coffee cup. It's not that exciting, promise.)

As soon as we get back to town, we're all off to work or school, but we'll all be back together for some family time tonight! Can't wait. 

Some highlights of last week: 
I went up to the helipad at work to assist with unloading a patient from a helicopter and took a few pictures of the horizon as I waited for the bird.
Ignore the ugly foreground. I'm too afraid of heights to get much closer to the edge! But ach, the weather has been fantastic lately.

Sacramento River as seen on my Wednesday run. Don't be too envious, because on my unpictured left I'm running alongside a freeway and it's far from completely serene. I just look to the right.
My son's after school program had face painting on Friday. How come my school never did that? Anyway he was the Flash which is completely apropos for him. He's a speedy little thing!
My little girl is getting so wiggly piggly. I just started putting her in the cart seat when we go to the store and she loves it. Somehow she manages to prop her feet up on the bars up front above the leg holes and then fold herself in half. Her flexibility is amazing.

And for some of the best news I've had all year...
Guess who's going to nursing school in January!
This girl!!

Oh boy, I've been so excited ever since I got my official acceptance letter. This has been about five years in the making, and assuming that nothing catastrophic occurs (touch wood) I will be a RN in 2016! How's that for some marvelous news?!

What's new and exciting in your life?

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