Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hit and miss

Thank goodness it's Thursday, because it's my virtual Friday!

This week has featured a lot of ups and downs. A few hits and misses:

Hit: I got to run outside yesterday. Wednesday seems to be my day that I can get outside and commune with nature. I know it's a bit woo, but it's my Zen. And how gorgeous it is!
(I actually take pretty decent pictures with an iPhone without breaking my stride. Who knew?)

Miss: before I was able to go for my run yesterday, I spent the last hour of class desperately trying to not doze off. It was largely unsuccessful. 

Hit: my darling baby girl finally has one tooth popping through those tender gums. It's making her much less cranky, which is wonderful!

Miss: my son dropped a full bottle of juice  on the kitchen floor, which of course got everywhere. But...

Hit: he immediately grabbed towels and did a wonderful job helping me get it all mopped up. He's turning into such a thoughtful, helpful boy. 

(And he cracks me up on a daily basis. Lately it's been his imitation of "what does the fox say?")

Big miss: I had a patient pee on me today!! Eww! It was awful. But...

Hit: Michael was so wonderful and brought me a new pair of shoes and socks on his lunch break, which was super amazing and thoughtful because he only has a half hour. I love him. 

Another big hit: I got to have a good chat with my best friend. I can't wait to see her again!

So how is your week going?


  1. Wow! Your husband sounds amazing! Such a sweet gesture!


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