Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Apple Rice Pudding (esque)

It's been quite the week so far!

I had a somewhat depressing situation occur at work yesterday, and I've been feeling a bit moody since then. I work in an emergency room, so I can't really get into specifics, but sometimes crappy things happen and there's not a whole lot that can be done about it. C'est la vie and que sera sera.

The baby is teething, so there's not a lot of sleeping going on around here right now! My poor baby girl is so miserable with those teeth trying to break on through (to the other side). She's had one big purple lump left center lower jaw for about a week now, and now she has two angry purple bumps and no teeth to be seen. Any day now!

So when I'm tired and blue, I tend to embrace carbs. Carbs are my friend. And when I'm tired, I also love to use leftovers.

I made two huge batches earlier this week: one of black beans and one of brown rice . It's a foolproof combination for my five-year-old (he could eat beans and rice all day, every day) and I can pull together Mexican(ish) meals really quickly and easily.

But I've been trying to branch out in the rice department, and when I needed to make breakfast, I decided to use a cup somewhat like oatmeal. Hence, this apple rice combo was created.
I even tried to plate it pretty!
I sliced up an apple and sauted it with a teaspoon of clarified butter, then mixed it in with a cup of already cooked brown rice and drizzled a teaspoon of honey on top and a little bit of milk.

Groundbreaking, I know. But its comfort food at its best. I put some cinnamon on top and it was reminiscent of rice pudding (not quite) and it hit the spot. I even put it in my favorite bowl, which although it's a bit silly to ascribe so much meaning to a bowl, makes me smile.

Carb-hugging completed! Now here's to a better rest of the week. I have both Friday and Monday off from school, so I'll get to kick back and spend a little more time with my loved ones. I can't wait :)

What did you eat this Wednesday? I'm linking up with the rest of the WIAW crew!

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