Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sh!t my kid wears

One of the best aspects of being a mom is watching my kids grow up and develop into opinionated and silly little people. As one of my favorite Scrubs quotes goes (regarding having a baby), "Dr. Cox says it's like having a dog that slowly learns how to talk."


For the most part, I let my kid pick out his own clothes. Trying to control his sartorial decisions is an exercise in futility, especially with his extremely strong preference for sweatpants. The only times I put my foot down are picture days and when the outfit is inappropriate for the weather (like when he wanted to wear a long sleeved Spider-man shirt and sweatpants on a 113 degree day).

This morning, Captain Sweatpants came downstairs wearing a nice pastel striped t-shirt and his black silky sweatpants with red and white stripes down the sides (track pant-style). I asked him how they matched. He proudly told me, "They're rainbow!"

Other notable outfits include:
- Head to toe orange. He topped it off with his cowboy hat, cowboy boots, a belt slung low on his hips and a stick in the holster. The inspiration behind this outfit?
Totally Pinspirational

- Navy blue Iron Man shirt with electric neon blue sweatpants. When this outfit came down the stairs, I told him that they clashed a little bit. With a foreshadowing of teenage sass and attitude, he rolled his eyes and said "They're both blue!" Very true.

Sometimes I get a bit of side-eye from people in public, which is why I want to have him wear this button:

Oh well. Keep shining on, you crazy diamond child of mine.

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