Monday, July 1, 2013

Friend Making Monday

I'm participating in Friend-Making Monday at All the Weigh again! I'd love to start making some new bloggy friends.

The Internet
1.  Have you ever met anyone online before meeting them in person?
When I was a freshman in college, I was pretty active on LiveJournal's UCDavis community. A lot of the people I met that year I met through LJ, and then Facebook when it started in 2004. At the time, it was only open to some college campuses. Who knew it would become such a juggernaut?

2.  What is your opinion on social media’s impact on our society?  Does it make life better or worse?
It's made life... interesting. It's definitely given me more insight into other people's more personal thoughts and feelings, but it also seems to bring out the attention-seeking aspect of many people's personalities. So I think social media has both negatives and positives.
3.  Do you believe that it’s possible to fall in love with someone that you’ve never met in person?
I think it's possible, but I have no personal experience with it.

4.  Do you prefer to shop in stores or online?
It depends on what I'm shopping for! I do a lot of non-clothes shopping on Amazon, but clothes shopping I prefer to go to the store and try it on first. It also depends on how badly I want it. If I can't wait, I'll hunt it down in stores.

5.  What blogging platform do you use?  (WordPress, Blogger, something else?)
I've used several different platforms in my many years on the internet. I used Blogger when it first started back in 2001?ish, and now I'm back!

6.  Have you ever blogged for another site?  Would you?
No, I haven't, but I'd love to if I ever had the opportunity.

7.  Do you use services like Netflix and Hulu?
In our last apartment we exclusively used DVDs, Netflix and Hulu because we didn't want to pay for cable. Our current place provides us with free cable, but we still mostly stick to Netflix and Hulu. Especially since Arrested Development released their new episodes!

8.  Would you prefer to get blog comments or to interact on twitter?
Seeing as I don't really get either, any would be nice ;)

9.  Do you prefer to read books or e-books?
I like to have a hard copy to reference, but ebooks are so much easier for travel and for quick searching. I'm starting to lean towards ebooks.

10.  Share at least one experience that you would not have had without being a blog author.
Hmm. I know I wouldn't have met as many people in college as I did without LJ, but all my little blogs I've started since then haven't really gained any traction. Maybe that will change!

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