Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Itemized list of FUN!

It's been a fun few days around here!

*My best friend has been visiting from NM. My little boy was so excited to see his auntie again, and I was excited for the baby to meet her also. The last time I saw her, I was about halfway pregnant, so it's been awhile!

*It's a scorching heat wave.
Walking across asphalt feels like walking in the depths of hell. I guess that's what we get for living in the second hottest summer area in California (after Death Valley, heh). Thank goodness for fans and air conditioning.

*Pyrotechnic displays are always amazing.

*I get to fulfill one of my bridemaid's duties and attend a bachelorette party on Friday. I am excited to spend the day in SF.

*I (shockingly and surprisingly) made goal weight at WW on Monday. However, I was tardy to the meeting and it didn't get recognized. No big deal (I get shy!) but the leader called me afterwards and apologized, which was sweet (and not necessary). Six weeks of maintenance and I make Lifetime! So far my tracking has been terrible this week (reason-see first bullet point) but it's a blip in the grand scheme of things.

*With making goal, I also won my DietBet. Hurray for making about $20 by losing weight!

*I like parenthetical asides. Deal.

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