Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Friend-Making Monday

Hello! I'm just starting this little blog here. I hope to get it more fleshed out soon, but I have to start somewhere and I figured linking up with All the Weigh's Friend-Making Monday would be a good place to start. Welcome to my place in cyberspace!

Just Wondering

1.  Do you wear glasses and/or contacts? Yes, unfortunately! I started wearing them in my freshman year of high school. At that time, I was able to get away without wearing them consistently and now I'm pretty darn blind without them. I don't care much for starting my mornings with the sentence, "Where'd I put my glasses?!" My brother just got Lasik and my envy knows no bounds. As soon as my prescription stabilizes long enough, I'll be next in line!
2.  Do you have summer vacation plans?  If so, where are you going? I just returned from Santa Cruz on Sunday. We spent last weekend down there for my brother's wedding. In July I'm going to San Francisco and Sacramento, and in August I'm flying to Albuquerque to be a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding! I'm also anticipating several spontaneous day trips.

3.  What is your favorite food to eat for breakfast? I've definitely developed into an egg-and-bacon girl. I find that I start my day best if I get a good investment of protein. Sometimes I'll have some toast with it. I can't eat carbs first thing in the morning anymore without some good protein to go with it. If I just have a carberiffic breakfast, I crave sweet junk all day.

4. Do you enjoy window shopping?  I like virtual window shopping because shopping with the five-year-old in tow can be an exercise in frustration. I do need to do it on a more frequent basis, so if I need something specific, I'm not in a rush and settling for something. This really drove home last week, when I needed to get something to wear to the rehearsal dinner last Friday. I found something that kinda worked, but overall I'm not thrilled with it and I'm not sure I'll wear it again.

5. What is your favorite candle scent?  I seem to gravitate towards vanillas and coconut scented candles.

6.  If you had to choose between going to a zoo or an aquarium, which one would you pick? Depends on the individual place! I would always pick the San Diego Zoo and the Monteray Bay Aquarium over all others.

7.  How many times do you plan to exercise this week?  I'm shooting for three. My baby girl and I are recovering from a cold, so illness+a non-sleeping baby is making me disinclined towards dedicated exercise. I'm just really making an effort to get my 10k steps in per day.

8.  Do you speak another language fluently?  Not really. I'm fairly proficient in Spanglish, and I took German in college... but I'm very far from fluent.

9.  What are you currently reading?  I’m not really in the middle of anything. I'm taking my son to the library tomorrow, so I hope to pick something up.

10.  What are you looking forward to most in the coming week? Getting back on track after a hectic weekend!

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