Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Food fun

Today was a pretty good day, in spite of my terrible sleep last night. I got a lot done around the house and did some fun recipe trials, so we should be good for meals for the next few days that I work. Since I work three 12 hour shifts a week, it's hard for me to get much of anything done on my work days. The 11.5 hours I have off between each shift are usually devoted to sleep, showering and spending whatever time I can with the kids. Meal prep falls by the wayside.

Last night, I made a delicious turkey chili, which was very filling at only 6 PP per cup, and tonight I made a baked penne lasagne type dish. The baked penne was tasty, but had a steep PP price at 11 PP per serving. Michael and the five-year-old liked it a lot, but I'm not sure if it's worth it at that PointsPlus value!

I also tried baking red bell peppers with a filling of eggs, spinach, onion, bacon and mushrooms. Again, it was successful, but needs a few tweaks for next time! Counting all the veggies as zero, each filled bell pepper is only 5 PP, which is great for a protein-packed, make ahead breakfast. It's a good investment for me, since I need a protein-focused breakfast to start my day off right.

At Costco yesterday, I picked up a tasty treat that I shouldn't have. Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Crisps. Mmm so stinking good, but pricey at 4 PP for only five pretzels. I count them out and savor them, but ah they keep calling my name. I just keep telling myself that I can have them all (eventually), but I can't have it all at once!

Mmm food. Why must I like you so much?! We have such a complicated relationship.

Anyway, I hope to nail down the specific measurements on the recipes and share them. They were too tasty not to share :)

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