Friday, January 3, 2014

Pop in...

to share something that I found funny.

You know how a lot of services use your browsing and usage history to show advertisements that are most likely applicable to that particular user? 

I know Pandora is one, and I use it a lot, but especially at night when I'm putting the baby to bed. She likes to hear some soft lullabies, so I had the station still set to "Rockabye Baby" when I started running on the treadmill the next morning. I switched it to the Pitbull station, since it's pretty high energy music, and it immediately showed an ad for Plan B contraceptive.

It amused me because it struck me as a judge-y move. Are they saying that I have bad taste in music and should refrain from procreating further? Or that Pitbull listeners use that on the reg?

Oh, Pandora.

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