Thursday, January 2, 2014

On the road

(I wrote this throughout the long day on little sleep so if it's disjointed, I'm sorry. Perfect to link up with Thinking Out Loud Thursday?)

I love the advent of smartphones. For the first time ever, in the many times that I've made the twelve hour road trip from Redding to San Diego, I can blog and internet (it's a verb, k) from I-5. Amazing.
Though I added the images with Ziggy. The handlink can't handle it.
It has been a long day so far. I got off work a little late and started packing and preparing to leave at five am today. Solid three hours of sleep there, heh, but I had to finish it up because I wasn't able to earlier due to my back-to-back-to-back twelves.

Got 'er done, Whirlwind style!

So at 0500, I said goodbye to Michael and the kiddos (still can't believe that I'm leaving my little Julianna overnight for the first time!) and my sister and I headed out to Sacramento to meet up with our brother. 

I've overly caffeinated myself. My brain is going bzz-bzz-bzz rather than settling down, so blogging it is to spend the time!

We just passed Santa Nella and Pea Soup Andersen's. No stopping at this time (we're trying to make it through LA before peak traffic time) but I hope that we will stop on the way back and recreate a childhood photo op.

Thanks to the Google and their website, I figured out why we probably would have stopped as children: the founders were Danish!

Speaking of my Danish heritage, my mom gifted me my nursing school shoes for Christmas, and I just got them yesterday. They're Danskos, which, as my grandmother informed me, is a portmanteau of "Dansk" for Danish and "sko" for shoe. Literally, Danish Shoes.

They are also really really ugly, but kinda cute in their ugliness? If I start a blog called "Scrub Fashion" (a fashion blog for medical personnel that have to wear scrubs to work?), I think these will be my first purchase:
Or pretty much any other pair besides boring black.
Adding to this entry later:

So I finally fell asleep for a short while, and a long time later, we finally arrived! Phew. Long long drive. The San Joaquin Valley is not known for scenery, but I liked seeing all the little baby cows running around.

However, we finally arrived at my grandparents' house, and saw them for the first time in 2.5 years. Grandma, my siblings and I went out for dinner and reconnected. It was wonderful to see them again, although I'm really missing my kids. I wondering how my little girl is faring without me. Daddy sent me this picture to tell me everything:

Yeah, I think she'll be okay.


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