Sunday, January 5, 2014

Home again

Another successful long drive in the books! We're back home safe and sound and I am reunited with my babies and Michael. 
(Though I already really miss San Diego and my grandparents)

It was a really good trip overall. I was so lucky to be able to celebrate my grandfather's ninetieth birthday (with white wine, his favorite) and spend some quality time with both of them. 

I also managed to make it out to the marina on a run, after an emergency trip to an REI for a replacement sports bra! I love exploring on foot. 
Our hotel was so wonderful too. It was run by the sweetest couple, and the breakfast spread each morning was amazing. The history of the hotel was really interesting too! It was built in the 1930s, Art Deco style, and for a long time it was a rundown flophouse before the current proprietors renovated it completely. 
Best hotel I've ever stayed in because of the personal service. I told the proprietor I'd write a nice review for him on TripAdvisor!

Some neat sights (because I don't feel comfortable posting my family pictures on the interwebs)
Horses just hanging out in front of Murrieta's, where we went for dinner last night. 
This sculpture is titled "The Fisherman"
The trolley!
Down the street from our hotel. There seem to be palm readers all over San Diego area. My sister and I were tempted to stop in. 
The geese at my grandparents' house. They've had them as long as I can recall. 

So tomorrow our family is back to real life. I spent most of the evening cuddling with my little family, and tomorrow is my last free day before the first day of nursing school! Eeeeek! I have so many last minute to-dos, plus working on my organizational projects (in accordance with my New Year resolutions) and grocery shopping.

Good night!

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