Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The rundown: 10/28-11/3 + WIAW: my new favorite yogurt.

Better late than never, right? I meant to post this on Sunday, then yesterday, but I had a crazy day at work yesterday and spent my breaks doing today's homework rather than blogging. Anyway, here's what I did last week for my running schedule:

Monday, October 28th- rest
Tuesday, October 29th - 4 miles @ 12:02 overall pace (48:11)
Wednesday, October 30 - 5.05 miles @ 11:05 overall pace (56:00)
Thursday, HALLOWEEN! - 4.25 miles @ 11:45 overall pace (49:57)
Friday, November 1 - rest and prepare for my race!
Saturday, November 2 - CASA Superhero 5k - 3.1 miles @ 7:44 overall pace (23:59)
Sunday, November 3 - I was going to get up and walk a couple miles before my shift started at 6am, but instead took advantage of the fall back and slept in instead (sleeping in = 5am). I did keep track of the NYC Marathon on my phone, so that has to count for something?!

Total miles: 16.4 miles
Total time: 2 hours 58 minutes.

Really not-so-impressive mileage, hah, but I'm working my way up. I'm gearing up to start a half-marathon training plan this month in preparation for the Shamrock'n Half in Sacramento, so slow, easy miles are the name of the game.

I signed up for Run Eat Repeat's Pile on the Miles contest, so I'm hoping that will keep me motivated. My goal for this week is 20 miles.

Now, for What-I-Ate-Wednesday...

My good habit is my probiotic consumption (aka I like to eat a lot of yogurt). I'm always checking out the yogurt case at the store for new flavors and brands, and I make my own plain Greek yogurt in the crockpot. Since I'm a nursing and active mom, I can (and do) go through a lot of food, so my yogurt consumption is through the roof.

My coworker shared this yogurt with me because she knows I'm a yogurt fiend:
mmmmm... Noosa.
Well, actually she had strawberry rhubarb flavor because she adores rhubarb.

I almost wish she hadn't shared it with me so I could have discovered it on my own at Target. No matter, they're all fantastic. A day or two after she shared it with me, I went and bought a few more... mango and honey and another strawberry rhubarb.

Isn't this cute?!
Well, g'day to you!
The cow amuses me before I break into the yumminess. Seriously, this yogurt is so creamy and smooth. It's made out of whole milk, which contributes a great deal to its tastiness, and the flavors I've tried are great. Next time I hit up Target, I'm planning on picking up a few more.

Now, unfortunately, all the flavors I picked up have honey listed in the ingredients, so I'm not able to share it with the baby until after her birthday, and Sam and Mike are a little burnt out on yogurt (heh), so more for me! I'm not complaining ;)

So, now that I've shared my deep love for yogurt, anyone else have any flavor or brand suggestions for me? What did you eat this Wednesday?

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