Friday, November 1, 2013

November? Seriously?

I think a sign that I'm getting old is that my mind is blown that it's already November. It doesn't seem that long since last October.

A year ago yesterday, I was in the midst of my phlebotomy internship, and pregnant with Julie. I took Sam trick-or-treating after I left the hospital (he was Spider-Man and I was a deviled egg, with my belly being the yolk ;) and then we went to Chipotle and got cheap burritos since we were in costume.

This year, I worked until 6:30 and so we didn't get to do so much trick-or-treating, but it was enough for Sam, because he wanted to head home after an hour. Little man was tired. Julie was hanging in there, but she was super tired too.

(I'm going to have to get them to dress up again so I can take more pictures because all my pictures turned out horrid. Nighttime photography is not my friend)

Anyway. Crazy October. It was a big month for us!

Tomorrow is my 5k race and I am getting myself pumped up. I'm calling all the candy (and those pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from work, yum) that I inhaled yesterday "early carb-loading." I did it for performance reasons, okay?

(Now I'm going to have to PR, ha ha.)

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