Friday, November 8, 2013

(Late) Thursday thoughts and scenes from my run

It's ice cream social day! (Aka my favorite work day of the month.) You see, every month my work has what they call the "Ice Cream Social" for the whole hospital. Free ice cream? I'm so there. 

Yesterday on my run, I ran the segment of the River Trail that makes up most of the route of the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. It's a six mile race (not quite 10k) with some decent hills during the first half, and I fully intend to run it again this year after my pregnancy hiatus last year. 

I took some iPhone pictures to try to show why I love this area so much. As I said before, I don't stop or slow down to take pictures, so they may be a little blurry.
The Diestelhorst Bridge is open again after its facelift, and it's looking pretty good! 
This is the second bridge on the route, and it's crazy how much the ambient temperature dropped over the water.
This is a neat rock maze that is along the trail. It's great for a meditative walk!
These guys are either ROTC or Reserve, but they were singing about how they want to be UPS drivers. It was a funny little chant!
Terrible, terrible picture but I thought the leaves on this tree were just such a gorgeous color.

The morning was an early morning treadmill run, and it was a tough one. I forgot to charge my phone overnight (dead battery=boooooo) which meant no music or Netflix or any real distractions. It was really hard to stay on that treadmill so long! I managed 4.5 miles before I had to call it a day and drink my chocolate milk. I'm going to count it towards my mental toughness bank.

So I'm posting this now on Friday, heh. Oh well. Here's to Friday and the weekend! I'm looking forward to spending all day with the kiddos.

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