Monday, September 2, 2013

It's Labor Day!

(aka my last day before school starts and I really lose free time!)

Saturday was an oddly nostalgic day. I had both orientation for my new school and my ten year high school reunion. While walking around the new campus and seeing all the new freshman settling into their dorms, it was interesting reflecting back to my freshman year of college. You know, the excitement of being officially an adult and on my own, and having my real life beginning, away from my hometown. Oh college! The accomplishment I had been looking forward to for essentially my whole life. Oh the cockiness of an eighteen year old. I thought I had all my ish figured out, and I'd never move back.

Ten years later, I'm starting over again at a new school, but I'm back in my hometown. Trust me, when I thought of my eventual reunion, I really didn't think I'd be back here.

I had a lot more fun at my reunion than I thought I would. Most of my close high school friends were no-shows, but I did connect with a lot of people who I had known casually. It was a really low key affair. Our class president dropped the ball on planning it, so one of his buddies threw it together last minute. We had food brought in from a local restaurant, two kegs, a (very lame) DJ, and a full cash bar available, and it was still great! Although no one ever danced (really, the DJ was sooooper lame), my classmates and I still had a fun time chatting and drinking.

I spent yesterday dealing with a rolling stomach from that beer-drinking. Beer and I are not friends for whatever reason. It just really tears up my poor stomach, and I'm also not twenty-one anymore. Anyway, I had grand plans to have an energizing run in the morning, and instead I spent the day recuperating. Lesson learned!

I did that run this morning, and it felt terrific. It really reminded me of how much I love running, and how it really helps with my mood throughout the day.

Well, I'm off to another orientation session at the college. My first class is at 0800 on Wednesday, and tomorrow I have work, so today's the day I have to get everything together for the week. I'm dreading tomorrow's work day because there's planned downtime of our computer system, and so for several hours we will be going back to paper charting. I keep telling myself that the paper system worked for years so it can't be that bad, but people get so cranky when their routine is usurped!

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