Friday, September 20, 2013

Five things Friday 9/13

So I wrote this last Friday, and apparently I never posted it!

1. Candy corn is in stores, and I am in trouble! I know candy corn is a very polarizing sweet, but for whatever reason, I adore it. I saw an empty display for these:
and I can't get them out of my mind!

2. I'm taking the TEAS tomorrow. It's required for entrance into nursing school, and I need to do well. I'm only panicking a little bit. You know, no big, only might mean the difference between starting nursing school in January or having to wait until 2015. I'm not quite to Jessie Spano levels, but when I think of that little factoid, I get close.

I guess this new version of the test tells you your score instantaneously. So I'll know immediately if I need to dance or cry. [Edited: DANCE!] Either way, I'm going to go get chocolate-covered candy corn afterwards. [display still empty. I will check again tomorrow]

3. School is going well so far. My world civ class has introduced me to the YouTube wonder that is John Green.  Apparently everyone else had heard of him, which makes me wonder what rock I've been living under. I'm going to have to pick up one of his books and soon!
How come this wasn't around when I was in high school/early college?!

4. There are some crazy wildfires raging in this corner of Northern California, and they are uncomfortably close to my parents' house. Fire season always makes me nervous, no matter where they are located, but these ones are so close to home. I'm keeping everyone in my thoughts. [Fire contained, parents' house safe. Phew!]
5. After a week of good running, I fell off the wagon again with school starting. I haven't figured out how to fit workouts into my new schedule yet, especially since homework (both mine and my kindergartner's!) is really cutting into any free time. 

I did take a baby step and signed up for the YMCA so at least I'm not limited to my garage treadmill in the early AM. Our garage is approximately 120 degrees by 10am and yeah, summer temps lead to fall PRs and all that, but 100+ is pushing it. I'm not stupid! (Plus 4am has become my time to do my last minute homework. So sorry, so little time, so last minute.)

[still struggling with gym and run time. C'est la vie and YOLO, etc. I just desperately miss my running.]

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