Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Five 9/20*

My Friday thoughts:

1. I'm ordering a new phone! (if not today, then soooooooon). My trusty iPhone 4 is showing its age and the iPhone 5 updates are out. I was initially considering the 5c because BRIGHT! COLORS!! but I'd rather have more fancy innards and gizmos.
The silver one will be mine. Along with a heavy duty case... Life proof?

I'm not gonna lie, I'm going to be a little sad to have the 4 go. We've been through a lot together. Since launch day in 2010, it's seen me through my divorce, three of my son's birthdays, meeting and falling for Michael, little baby J's birth and first almost-eight months, three big moves and lots of other little and big things. It also survived a phone-napping! It's been there to document a lot of my life. It seems silly to feel attached to an electronic device, but I'm willing to bet that some people might feel the same way. Maybe?

2. I'm so proud of my little man (oh excuuuuuuse me, he's eager to correct me to big boy kindergartener). Every day he goes to school, he enthusiastically learns new things and he comes home just so excited to read his books and work on his math. His reading has improved so much in a short time (probably because his teacher is an actual teacher and I am so not**). 

S is also getting very into running. When he was visiting his dad last weekend, he ran a color run, telling me he came in first place! He's also been doing what they call the "principal's mile" on Fridays, telling me Ricky Bobby-style:
I wanna go fast!

He also told me that he wants to practice on the treadmill so he can be the fastest and he needs faster shoes. I'm trying to encourage him without going psycho-helicopter overboard. 

3. Speaking of running, I desperately need/want a jogging stroller since the air is cooling down and little baby J is big enough to ride along. I have my eye set on one of the BOB strollers, but cash is tight. I'm trying to find a deal on craigslist and scrounge up the cash before the baby is five and the stroller thing is pointless. 

4. Okay so one of the reasons cash is a little tight is because we finally got a new dresser. Actually, we got a whole bedroom set because the whole shebang was not that much more than just the dresser. 

Anyway, we've been dresser-less for months since we tossed the old one in the move, and I am beyond thrilled to have a place to finally stash underpants besides messy boxes. It was delivered today, and I'm actually looking forward to organizing tomorrow. 

5. What is the obsession with mustaches everywhere lately?! I saw a car with what looks like mustache-shaped tail lights, like so:
Sorry, grainy nighttime picture. Obviously need that new phone.
Seriously. What the actual eff. And I swear if I see one more piece of merchandise that say "I mustache you a question," I'mma gonna lose it. I don't get it. 

As a related note, I'm very glad my nineteen-year-old self did not give into the impulse to tattoo a mustache on the side of my index finger when I first saw it on iam.BME almost ten years ago. Don't get me wrong, I love beautifully done tattoos, but tattoos on the hands, neck and face tend to scream "I don't want to be employed!!" to me nowadays. I'm getting cranky in my old age. 

Have a good weekend!

*I composed this entire post on trusty 4. Dedication.  
**related topics: "Why I Won't/Can't Homeschool" and "Yes, I majored in English; No, I don't want to be a teacher."

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