Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Avocado toast: My new "best thing ever."

So, I may be dangerously close to my thirties, but I still have a tendency towards dramatics and hyperbole. I just can't help it at times! It's part of my personality. I've definitely toned it down, and I'd like to redefine it as being "overly enthusiastic."

My best friend gave me this card, and it sums up my feelings so well on so many things:

Anyway, this is my new best thing ever (at least for the week): Avocado + toast + bacon + Tabasco.

This is such a basic and tasty meal! I can't believe how behind the times I am in trying it.

I'm currently trying to use up a plethora of avocados, so I'm googling for all sorts of ways to eat them. I brought guacamole to a potluck we had at work yesterday, and since I have a lot of coworkers, I bought a lot of avocados. Three six-packs from Costco, to be precise. Eight made more than enough guac for the crowd, and left me with ten to use up rapidly (oops?). What a bounty!

Hence, avocado toast has entered my life, and it's not leaving for a while. So easy peasy. I want to add an egg tomorrow.

Essential ingredients:
-Dave's Killer Bread (the Good Seed is what I have right now)
-Ripe fantastic avocado
Optional (unless you're in our household. Then it's not):

This was a great breakfast that held me over and powered me through all my classes today, even though I had to skip lunch. Seriously amazing!

My google-fu suggests that avocado + honey might be an option. Color me intrigued! I think I'll be trying that tomorrow am :)

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